Use your automated bidding system to optimize your shopping

How it works

This system allows you to place bids automatically on the item of your choice. Once it is set, the autobid will systematically place each of your bids in the last ten seconds of the countdown. If another user places a manual bid before the last ten seconds, your bid is saved (thus not discounted from your wallet). If several autobids are set on the same auction, the system places the bids alternately.

How can I set an autobid?

You can set autobids on this page or directly on the auction's page.

Set the autobid





Choose an item

Set a limit of Oopad


...and a maximum price


Set the autobid





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Belkin Car Charger
Belkin Car Charger
Won by XGT50
yesterday, 10h32
value £16
Remington GroomKit
Remington GroomKit
Won by Rvv01
last Saturday, 20h52
value £59
3D Printer
3D Printer
Won by lajen
last Saturday, 17h30
value £480
Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner
Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner
Won by fagr
last Saturday, 16h03
value £65
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