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  Get Oopad bids to start You have 6 Oopad bids to begin with. You can get more if you buy a pack or if you refer friends. An Oopad bid is a "right to bid".
  Select the item you want to get
Auctions are directly available on the homepage. You can choose between two different displays: thumbnails (default), or list. Vignettes / Liste
  Take the lead whenever necessary
Each time you click on I bid, you use an Oopad bid and the countdown restarts, And the item’s price rises by 1 penny. If no one bids before the end of the countdown, you win the auction and you can buy the item at the price displayed in green.
  Get your item
If you are the winner, you can buy the item at the price displayed in green. If not, you can still buy the item at its retail price either by paying the full price and getting back your Oopad bids or by deducting their value from the retail price.

At any time during the auction and until 24h after its end, you can buy the product at its retail price, provided you have used at least one Oopad. You can then choose between deducting the cost of the Oopad bought and spent on the auction and pay the difference, or pay for the public price of the product and be given back the Oopad bids spent on this specific auction.
Please note that you can trade the Oopad bids you buy for vouchers that are worth twice as much, provided you haven’t purchased anything else.
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Belkin Car Charger
Belkin Car Charger
Won by XGT50
yesterday, 10h32
value £16
Remington GroomKit
Remington GroomKit
Won by Rvv01
last Saturday, 20h52
value £59
3D Printer
3D Printer
Won by lajen
last Saturday, 17h30
value £480
Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner
Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner
Won by fagr
last Saturday, 16h03
value £65
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